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The First Port of Call for an Affordable MOT in St Albans & Harpenden | Gold Crest Motors

While the vast majority of motorists realise just how essential MOT testing is, even while bemoaning that it often comes as an inconvenience, very few could tell you the various checks that comprise the MOT. That’s why Gold Crest Motors, which has been providing MOT testing to motorists in our hometown of St Albans, nearby Harpenden, and all surrounding locales since way back in 1978, have here looked to lay them all out in this latest blog post.

We hope this article will show just how integral an MOT is in ensuring you stay safe on the road. Nearly time for your yearly MOT? Book it in at our St Albans garage, just a short drive from Harpenden, by calling us on 01727 832 835. At Gold Crest Motors, we pride ourselves on streamlining and de-stressing the process, so you can get back on the road in record time. On top of that, our prices are highly competitive and beat out larger chain garages and dealerships in the area.

What Exactly is Checked During an MOT?


One of the most crucial, but oft forgotten aspects of an MOT is checks to lights and indicators. In fact, over 30% of MOT failures occur within this category. Lights must be in the right position, secure, not obscured, in decent condition, show the proper colour, illuminate on command, and be accurately aimed.

Horn, Battery & Wiring

St Albans and Harpenden motorists should be aware their vehicles will be expected to have a loud, consistent note ring out when their horn is sounded. Other items checked during an MOT include the secure housing of a battery (which will also be inspected for leaks). We’ve also placed electrical wiring in this category, which shouldn’t be detached or loose hanging.

Steering & Suspension

The steering wheel should be responsive yet firm, and fully operational. Steering locking and power steering will also undergo inspection. Suspension will be checked for corrosion and general structural damage. Should any issues be detected here, we’re able to recommend and provide our St Albans and Harpenden clients with the appropriate car repairs.


Nearly 10% of MOT failures in and around St Albans and Harpenden are due to the condition of brakes or the wider braking system (e.g pedals and levers). We are obliged to provide a performance test to check how effective yours are, due to the essential part they play in keeping you and others safe on the road.

Tyres & Wheels

This category also holds a 10% share of MOT failures. Tyres need to correlate with the speed/load rating of your car, and tread depth must be above the legal minimum of 1.6mm. Tyres will also be checked for structural damage such as deep cuts or tears.

Bodywork & “General” Components

Your vehicle’s bodywork will be checked for corrosion, in addition to any sharp corners that could prove dangerous. Registration plates must be visible, a VIN must be secured to/stamped on your vehicle, and your speedometer must be clearly illuminated and visible.

Exhaust System & Emissions

An analytic device will check your vehicle emission levels to ensure they’re below legal limits. Your exhaust system and fuel housing will also be checked for leaks and proper sealing.

View of Road

It’s essential that St Albans and Harpenden clients do not have an inhibited view of the road, which can cause MOT failure due to its obvious safety implications. Mirrors, wipers and windscreen must all be correctly positioned, safely housed and free of damage that could otherwise impact the driver’s view of the road.

In the St Albans or Harpenden area and searching for an affordable, yet professionally delivered MOT? Look no further than Gold Crest Motors. Call us on 01727 832 835.

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