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Frequently-Asked Questions on our Car Repairs in Harpenden

Gold Crest Motors are based in St Albans and we cover all locations in the surrounding Hertfordshire area. Harpenden is one of our more major service areas and we have customers in the town who come to use us for our high-end car repairs and car servicing. We also undertake MOTs for our Harpenden customers. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to other garages in the area, we are here to help fulfil your needs.

We regularly receive questions about our services from customers in Harpenden who wish to know more about car body work, engine diagnostics, tyres and our wider service range. Here, we seek to answer some of those questions in detail.

Can you perform car repairs on any vehicle?

Yes. Gold Crest Motors work on all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. We are also one of the few diesel servicing garages to cover Harpenden and can assist you with pump and injector testing, diesel diagnostics, diesel MOTs and diesel gearbox rebuilds. Our company delivers a one-stop shop service on all manufacturer marques.

Can you beat dealerships for price on car servicing?

Yes, on nearly every occasion. Clients in Harpenden choose Gold Crest Motors for car servicing because we adhere to the same service schedules as dealerships and manufacturers. Because we are fully independent, however, we can undertake your car servicing requirements at a fairer and much more competitive price.

How about MOTs? Do you provide testing services?

Gold Crest Motors can perform Class IV MOTs on any passenger or light commercial vehicle, petrol or diesel. MOTs are performed to strict industry standards to ensure your car or LCV is safe and roadworthy. Like all good garages covering Harpenden, we can provide MOTs and related MOT repair services. We even offer free retesting should you require it.

Will Gold Crest Motors repair my car body work after an accident?

Absolutely! Car body work repair is a speciality service available to all motorists in the nearby Harpenden area. We use modern repair systems and materials that will leave your vehicle body work in perfect pre-accident condition. Excellent colour matching is guaranteed and we use modern water-based paints with low VOC emissions.

Does your company specialise in engine diagnostics?

Yes. We invest heavily into engine diagnostics so that customers from the Harpenden area can have their engine management needs met at every conceivable level. By plugging into your vehicle’s ECU, diagnostics can help us to identify sub-system issues quickly. This means we can recommend suitable car repairs without painstaking troubleshooting.

Can you fit a set of new tyres to my car?

Yes, and if you call us in an emergency, we’ll always try to fit you in. We have a large stock range of tyres from branded and discounted manufacturers. If you come from the Harpenden area and are looking for a fair prices on tyres, we can help you out. Our prices are inclusive and incorporate the cost of weighting and balancing.

We are one of the most respected garage to cover Harpenden. Call Gold Crest Motors today for further advice on car repairs, car servicing and new tyres at our St Albans workshop.

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